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British Treasure

- the citizen hears crisis in the coffee damanh, crisis in the lunch, arrives in house hears crisis in the supper. Read more from Primerica life insurance to gain a more clear picture of the situation. There the citizen seassusta and does not finish for not buying more nothing. As the consumption falls, the indstriano […]

Periodical Reduction

In production had one cut in virtue not to have consumers being wanted to demand products because of the reduction of capital in the hand of the same ones. The strategy of the Federal Government was to diminish the taxes of the products that more are vendidos to alavancar the sales, and to try to […]

Plate Activity

Some procedures are very important and they do not have to be disrespected, for example, the used utensils in the cleanness of the bathrooms do not have to be same the used ones in the kitchen. Another important point is the handling of residues. The garbage must be collected daily and the clean lixeiras with […]

Communist Party

The turn of I castrate During 30 years (from 1961 to 1991) the great mentor of I castrate was the Communist Party of Unin Sovitica (PCUS). It castrated also supported to the Kremlin when this one invaded the Prague 68, 81 Poland and Afghanistan 89, and when this one hit Mao. The destruction of the […]


I see innumerable colleges student abdicating of the work to be two, three, up to four years studying to pass in public competition. As vocs, wise students (I do not argue the merit of each one and yes the economic problem who this choice generates in the economy as a whole), need to eat somebody […]