Urban Development

The current urban development of the city of Golden, in if treating to condominiums, is demonstrated as an investment of ' ' sonhos' ' , of a side it is the real estate market that sees in the sector the possibility of immense profits, of the other side, the possible owners who believe that inside of the gigantic walls it is the happiness, the security and the conviviality with the nature. In many cases the economic interests have surpassed ethical standards, all start to turn around the financial interests. It can even though be said that in the city of Golden the power of the man in modifying the environment it grew more than what the understanding of all the problematic one happened of this process. The nature in this in case that it starts to be merchandise and it gains a new meant, as it detaches ENRIQUE (2006, p.02): ' ' In the renaissance, a change in the model of conception of the nature was attended to it, where it passed – of a qualitative standard for a quantitative one, a magnifying of the matematizao of the world, with the desencantamento of the nature and its enclausuramento in natural systems and in intentionally geometric gardens. Today, a new period of deep transformations in the nature ideas is lived; beyond the permanence of the quantitative models, is observed a restoration of a mythical idea of the nature, a reencantamento of the nature, not with a bias? supernatural? , but, yes, following a specific project of financial valuation of the nature. It has, also, clearly a movement of incorporation of the nature to the social life. A project of reificao accented of the nature restores; under a marketing boarding, the nature turns object merchandise in the most varied segments the production and servios.' ' One of the fragmentos of the urban space is the sprouting of the condominiums that provides the security, tranquillity and, almost always, a conviviality with a fetichizada, created nature from economic looks.

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